Friday, June 14, 2013

South City Kitchen Midtown

Shrimp and Mussel Country Captain - Okra, roasted Andouille, curried-tomato broth

Signature Individual Chocolate Pecan Pie - Callebaut ganache, vanilla ice cream

A coworker took me out to lunch to celebrate my leaving the company and taking steps towards the career I want to have. A happy, going-away, "I wish you much success" lunch. It was awesome.

I chose South City Kitchen because I hadn't been there in a while (since 2011) and I was craving either something Southern or seafood-y. My eyes immediately feasted upon the Shrimp and Mussel dish. MUSSELS! TOMATO BROTH! Oh yes, I was going to enjoy this. I finished the whole thing (of course) and then my coworker suggested dessert. ((O____O)) What? But .. I'm full. But .. sigh, okay. I'm going to regret this, haha.

She raved about the banana pudding, so she ordered that while I ordered the chocolate pecan pie. We then split the desserts so I could try the banana pudding and she could try the pecan pie. OMG... Both desserts were really good. I think I did finish the pie.. I feel fat just thinking about it! We definitely took our time walking back to work. It was a phenomenal gesture on my coworker's part, and I will miss our talks. She always encouraged me to keep trying because she knew I could be in a better place professionally. To be sure, I will keep in touch.

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