Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rise n Dine

Polish Omelette - Potato-cheddar pierogies, kielbasa, onion, and cheddar cheese, topped with sour cream
with a side of sliced bananas

I haven't been to Rise n Dine in a LONG time, so I was more than happy to oblige when a friend suggested we meet there for brunch. We hadn't seen each other in a few months, so it was definitely time to catch up!

We ordered two different omelettes and split them in half to try out the other one; she ordered the Spanish omelette (not pictured). I REALLY liked the Polish omelette - it was filling and just the right size. Part of me wishes there were veggies, but another part of was supremely satisfied with it as-is. Hmm... Yep, I'd get it again! ^_^

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hawaiian-Themed 40th Birthday Party

One of my friends turned 40 this year, and she decided to host the birthday bash at her house. Her husband helped arrange the personal chef and took care of her throughout the evening. I can't believe the amount of food (and alcohol) on hand!! O___o I was down for the count around midnight. I can't remember everything that was on the menu but rest assured: everything tasted great. There was good music and plenty of chit-chat. I went even though I only knew the birthday girl, which was daunting but I did it. It's rare that we see each other - in fact, it's becoming an annual habit, haha. 

Real coconut with real coconut juice

Fruit platter - so fresh!

Tuna poke, I think


Fried jumbo shrimp

Papaya salad

Sadly, I can't remember the type of fish this was. :o(

Whole pig

This was a pineapple-y sauce for the pig.

Beef ribs?

Charred pineapple with vanilla ice cream

Pineapple rum cupcakes

Contents of parting gift - It's a Haitian cake of some sort. My memory fails me on the name but it was good!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Korea Garden

Korea Garden is located next to Mozart Bakery off of Buford Hwy. I confess: I usually pick bibimbap when I eat out at a Korean restaurant. This evening, I wanted to break from "tradition" and try something else, so I chose a bulgogi box with stir-fried vegetables and beef. It was a nice change of pace. With all of the side dishes (not pictured), it made for a decently filling meal. Girls' night out was more important than the food choice... right? O_o

Shrimp, Peas, and Carrots

This dish was my attempt at using up some resources in the kitchen. For whatever reason, there was a small (perhaps 1 lb) bag of shrimp in the freezer and we had an overabundance of carrots. I threw in frozen peas for color and for kicks.

I found a recipe online which I then modified to work with what I had.


20 medium shrimp, tail on and shell off
1/2 cup butter
1/3 cup onion, diced (Replaced with maybe 1 cup frozen green peas.)
2-3 cloves garlic, diced
4-5 medium carrots, sliced
2 lemon wedges (No lemons.)
Real sea salt to taste (Regular salt works, too.)
Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top (No cheese.)


1. Put butter in skillet to melt on low-to-medium heat. Add in carrots and let them cook for a few minutes before adding garlic. Add frozen peas. [In my case, carrots take a while to soften when cooking. I put the lid on the pan to try and speed up the process.]

2. Put the shrimp in the pan, making sure each has their own space (no overlapping). After a minute or two, they will start to turn pink; flip them. Sprinkle salt. When both sides of the shrimp are done, pour out into a bowl or plate.

These directions are my own, not from the original recipe. Everything was easy to put together; my mistake was underestimating how much time it would take for the carrots to cook and/or adding the shrimp too soon. By the time the carrots were done, the shrimp has shrunk. It was a sad sight. I do like the original's suggestion to leave the tail on and the shell off though!


South City Kitchen Midtown

Shrimp and Mussel Country Captain - Okra, roasted Andouille, curried-tomato broth

Signature Individual Chocolate Pecan Pie - Callebaut ganache, vanilla ice cream

A coworker took me out to lunch to celebrate my leaving the company and taking steps towards the career I want to have. A happy, going-away, "I wish you much success" lunch. It was awesome.

I chose South City Kitchen because I hadn't been there in a while (since 2011) and I was craving either something Southern or seafood-y. My eyes immediately feasted upon the Shrimp and Mussel dish. MUSSELS! TOMATO BROTH! Oh yes, I was going to enjoy this. I finished the whole thing (of course) and then my coworker suggested dessert. ((O____O)) What? But .. I'm full. But .. sigh, okay. I'm going to regret this, haha.

She raved about the banana pudding, so she ordered that while I ordered the chocolate pecan pie. We then split the desserts so I could try the banana pudding and she could try the pecan pie. OMG... Both desserts were really good. I think I did finish the pie.. I feel fat just thinking about it! We definitely took our time walking back to work. It was a phenomenal gesture on my coworker's part, and I will miss our talks. She always encouraged me to keep trying because she knew I could be in a better place professionally. To be sure, I will keep in touch.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fresh to Order Midtown

Asian Chicken Crunch - Almond rosemary crusted chicken, ginger apricot coleslaw, cibatta bread, avocado aioli

I met up with a friend for an early dinner at Fresh to Order (F2O) in Midtown. I hadn't been here in a while - to the point where I couldn't remember what I ordered the last time I was there. Those were the pre-blog days.

I chose the 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad combination to feign a healthy meal, haha. The sandwich was really good. I kind of wished I had ordered a whole version of it. O_o Next time! Mwah ha ha. The salad was also nice - I liked the variety. It's hard to find filling meals in the Midtown area for $10 or less, so hopefully I'll remember to stop by whenever I'm hungry and in the area. FYI: They validate parking for one hour in the adjacent parking deck. It used to be two hours but, for whatever reason, it's now one. The more you know.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tunes from the Tombs

As some of you know, I've been to Tunes from the Tombs at Oakland Cemetery before. It's a fundraising event for the cemetery; tickets are usually sold at a discount in advance. I sought out Pallookaville when I first attended the event. This time around, I went after lunchtime so I opted for drinks, King of Pops, and walking around. It was pretty humid that day, so I wasn't exactly a happy camper the whole time but it was nice to get out of the house for a bit.

Palm readings


Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet

One of my friends recommended this place because she had heard about a great crab leg deal from someone else. Needless to say, this deal was not available when we were there. We probably got old information. We still ate there though! I'm usually leery of buffets because I frequented them a lot when I was younger (when I had poor portion control). It's too easy to go overboard. If you haven't noticed the lack of buffet posts, you will now, hehe.

The food was okay but given the distance, I probably won't go back. Plus, finding the restaurant can be a bit difficult because it's not off the main road (though, to their credit, there is signage). The restaurant is behind another one or two businesses. It's a strange set-up but I'm sure the owners are saving on rent in some way.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fernbank Museum Martinis and IMAX - GSU Alumni Night

Every so often, I can actually make it to an alumni event. :oD This one was during one of Fernbank's Martinis & IMAX evenings, which I've been to before. There was a designated room for GSU Alumni with heavy hors d'oeuvres. Should you desire a drink, there are two cash bars in the main dining area.

The turnout was okay. There was a mix of older and younger alumni... I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle, haha. It was nice meeting a few alums and hearing about their GSU experiences. A couple of them had recently finished the PMBA programm, which is quite different from the Flex MBA program I did. PMBA = Professional MBA. I won't go into details here; needless to say, if you're curious, you can peruse the GSU website.

The movie was about the coral reef and followed a married scuba diving couple who were asked to consult about the coral reef population in and around various islands in the Pacific. It was pretty neat; climate change was one reason for the dying population. A minute change in water temperature has an extraordinary effect on sea life. Obviously, I could not take pictures of the IMAX movie. ;oP If you haven't had a chance to check out Martinis & IMAX, do so! Dinner, movie, free parking - it makes for a great date night or group outing.