Sunday, May 19, 2013

Walk Now for Autism Speaks


It'd been raining for several days in Atlanta, so I was not surprised to see clouds the morning of the walk. In fact, the walk was postponed for about half an hour due to a sudden downpour. People who didn't have umbrellas gathered in the parking deck close by; eventually, people with umbrellas did the same.

My friend's team

A friend of mine had asked whether I wanted to join her and her mom on a 1-mile walk around Atlantic Station to benefit autism research. I said okay. :o) I like participating in walks in general, so it was nice to have a reason to get out and do one.

It had been raining in Atlanta in the week leading up to the walk, so I had wondered whether it was a rain or shine event. (It was.) We waited out a sudden downpour in the morning before starting the walk. The reason it's only one mile is partially because of the autistic participants. It was nice to see a lot of people gathered for a cause, though I readily admit I know very little about the disease. Still, parking was free for race participants and I was happy to be present. It was also good seeing my friend and her mom; I hadn't seen her mom since I was in middle school! Though several restaurants at Atlantic Station offered discounts to walk participants, we went to Manuel's Tavern afterwards for brunch/lunch. Ahem, that's the next blog post.

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