Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Auburn Curb Market - Arepa Mia and Rawesome Juicery

 Pabellon - Shredded beef, black beans, plantains, and feta cheese

Banana Nut Ultimate Smoothie - Banana, peach, cinnamon, dates, organic maple syrup, walnuts, flax seed oil, and almond milk

Hello again, Sweet Auburn Curb Market! [Read about my first visit here.] My friend introduced me to Sweet Auburn a while ago, and I wanted to go back to try something else. I had never had arepas before so, mwah ha ha, I had one! It was REALLY GOOD and probably really bad for me. I mourn the lack of vegetables in the pita. It was a strange combination of sweet and salty but it worked. There were additional sauces available on the table, one of which is extremely spicy. You'll know it by the label! I did try some of the spicy sauce .. and I immediately started coughing. You guys know I can't handle spicy stuff but at least I tried it! In fact, the spicy sauce was one of the reasons why I went to Rawesome Juicery. Water is an inadequate solution. O__o The smoothie was phenomenal. I only wish I had known about the Scoutmob deal for Rawesome before paying full price. (Boo.) Maybe next time?

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