Friday, May 10, 2013

Sushi Mito

Blue Crab Garlic Roll - Blue crab salad and avocado with shrimp on top
Salmon Skin Roll - Crispy salmon skin with cucumber

I had heard of Sushi Mito before but had never been until now. A couple of family members wanted to try it out so I tagged along. The service was pretty good and there are a lot of menu options. The menu layout reminds of Shoya Izakaya's!

I was only slightly hungry, so I chose two sushi rolls. I hope by now you're noticing a theme with this week's posts: seafood. I guess I've been in a seafood deficit lately! Some rolls were overpriced; others were okay in the pricing structure. I've been on a few sushi outings where my friends used vouchers or Scoutmob, so I've become a bit sensitive to sushi prices. :o\ The rolls weren't rolled that tightly, which was a bit odd but as long as it doesn't fall apart while I'm eating, it's fine. You can tell from the pictures how put together they were.

I liked my rolls but I was still a bit hungry afterwards. Normally, one or two orders of rolls is enough to fill me up. Perhaps I was hungrier than I thought! We had a pretty good experience overall, but I don't know if we'll go back. I'll have to ask my sister what she thinks. It's nice to find a decent sushi place that's close to home though.

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