Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sister's Graduation Ceremony


One of my younger sisters graduated from GSU! What what! We're both GSU alums now! The ceremony, fortunately, did not involve every graduating student standing up and receiving a diploma. Thank goodness for mass graduation ceremonies. This year, however, the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies were combined. I'm glad I graduated before that cut-off period; I rather liked having a separate graduate student ceremony. No offense to the little sister... well, maybe a little bit. ;oP 

I digress. The speaker for my sister's ceremony was INFINITELY better than the speaker for my ceremony. (So, maybe that makes us even...) I remember my speaker was the CEO of a non-profit and had clearly not given a graduation ceremony speech before. *rolls eyes* My sister lucked out - the speaker was some young hot-shot who'd made it big in the world. At least he and his message were relateable to the audience! After the usual speeches and such, the tassels were turned and it was official. My sister was SO GLAD to be done with GSU. I'm afraid her experience and my experience were very different; I daresay she was looking forward to graduating more than I did! Movin' on up, aren't we? ;oD

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