Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marlow's Tavern Perimeter

Ketchup and house-made tomato-bacon jam
Tavern Burger with pepperjack cheese and chickpea fries

My sister and I met up at Marlow's Tavern by Perimeter Mall for an early dinner. I've been to two different Marlow's locations before: Midtown and Vinings. This Marlow's was in a run-down shopping center, haha. It's clearly not the most impressive location and it was also a bit perplexing figuring out how to pull into the restaurant from the street. I know I had to loop around for a bit; it's highly likely that I missed the first turn that leads directly to the restaurant though. ^_^"

I was in a burger mood that evening, so I chose the Tavern Burger. I was partially intrigued by the tomato-bacon jam and partially by the chickpea fries. The burger was a decent size. I didn't ask if it came with onions but it did; I promptly removed them from my burger. Oops. The mayo condiment that came with the burger was really good too. There was something else in there besides mayonnaise but I forget what it was now. Sorry... The tomato-bacon jam was AWESOME though. Ketchup just paled in comparison, haha. (Sorry, ketchup!) My sister and I finished the tomato-bacon jam, putting it on our burgers as well as the fries. I didn't finish my fries though - they were bland by themselves. I don't like leaving food on my plate but I orphaned a few fries by the end of the meal. :o\ I'm glad I tried them but I wouldn't get them again. Nice try, Marlow's.

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