Sunday, May 19, 2013

Manuel's Tavern

Western Omelette - Black forest ham, cheddar, bell pepper, and onion

In lieu of dining in Atlantic Station after the Walk for Autism, we opted for Manuel's Tavern. [Previous posts here, here, and here.] I guess we were in a breakfast mood, and most of the restaurants in Atlantic Station didn't appeal to our egg-y desires. Due to my Flying Biscuit omelette experience, I opted for ..*drum roll*.. another omelette! Yay! I remembered the omelette I had had the first time I ate here, so I specifically chose a different omelette. I'm pretty sure I requested no onions, too. Meh... I'm not keeping up with my "I'm trying to eat more onions" promise. :o\

Anyway, I was so hungry at this point that I probably would've eaten anything put in front of me. O_o The omelette and potatoes were excellent. The biscuit was super soft, too. I think I prefer the Applewood bacon omelette over this one but it's all good. Perhaps I can replicate this at home sometime! :oD 

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