Sunday, May 26, 2013

Friend's Baby Shower

Craft table

Parting gift

One of my friends had a baby shower over Memorial Day weekend. I seem to be getting invites to these more and more lately. ;oP It's that time of life, I suppose.

Anyway, there was a craft table available with supplies for stenciling onesies. Best.idea.ever. As anyone who will become a parent or who IS a parent knows, baby stuff is not cheap! I thought this was a fantastic way to use the available labor of loved ones to create one-of-a-kind onesies for the new addition. Also, the onesies varied in size from newborn to at least 18 months. There were at least a dozen people in attendance and some people opted to craft more than one design, so that takes care of at least one year's worth of clothes. Practical and stylish, hells yes. We had a lot of fun with the stencils! 

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