Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flying Biscuit Alpharetta

Piedmont Omelette - Three eggs, chicken sausage, crispy turkey bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese

Flying Biscuit - you're a breakfast staple for people now. Waffle House and IHOP just pale in comparison, don't they? I suppose it all depends on what you're looking for. Personally, I think the quality of Flying Biscuit has gone down since the company started franchising years ago. I understand the cost benefits of scaling up and whatnot but there's always something lost in the transition to the big leagues (regardless of industry).

I digress. My friend and I caught up at a Flying Biscuit for breakfast. I hadn't had an omelette in forever, so guess what I ordered? :oP I believe I ordered the Piedmont Omelette (sans onions). In rare form, I also ordered coffee (typically, I stick with water when I'm eating out). I needed the caffeine/sugar to wake me up a bit! Oh man... I miss omelettes. I opted for fruit instead of grits - my one claim to healthy eating for this meal, haha. Everything was fine; the coffee was okay. I can't really comment in detail on the coffee because I don't have the palette to differentiate between good and bad coffee (technically, I knowI could improve upon this by, of course, drinking more coffee but no, thanks!). My cups are usually 1/4 to 1/2  filled with creamer anyway, so it's a moot point. ;oP Read an older blog post about Flying Biscuit here.

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