Monday, May 27, 2013

Chattanooga - Day 1

Since my holiday weekend was partly dedicated to attending a friend's baby shower, I took a day off from work to make a 2-day trip to Chattanooga with a friend of mine. The weather was gorgeous, so we took advantage of it by doing outdoor activities for most of the trip. We left on Monday morning and arrived in Chattanooga sometime before noon. We biked around for about an hour, stopped by to get some ice cream, and walked in the middle of a bicycling competition on our way to lunch at Champy's (mm!). Afterwards, we went to the Raccoon Mountain Caverns to cool off and then searched for our hostel. We "crashed" there for a bit and decided on a dinner restaurant. It turns out dinner was pretty much in the same area where we had biked earlier in the day. -____-"" Small world. It was a pretty full day considering!

Rent a bike? Sure!

I could've sworn this glass bridge had a name... but I can't find it! O_o Curious.

Ice Cream Show - What's the point of all of that biking if you can't indulge?

Champy's - Cheap, good food. Recommended by a friend who's from Chattanooga.

Raccoon Mountain - You can purchase slightly discounted tickets online. It was nice and cool inside.

The Crash Pad! Excellent service, clean hostel.

Waaay too much cheese but still awesome

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