Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brother's Birthday Dinner

Crunchy Chicken Skin (how it's listed in Shoya's menu) - Cucumber, sesame dressing
Appetizer recommended by Creative Loafing (which, for some reason, gives it a slightly different name)

Fatty tuna roll and Red Dragon roll (spicy tuna mix, smelt roe, BBQ eel, avocado, cucumber)

My sister and I took our brother out to a belated birthday dinner at a restaurant of his choice. He had been craving sushi, so Shoya Izakaya was chosen. Ironically, one of the last times I dined at Shoya was for another birthday dinner. ^_^" We ordered sushi (naturally) but I also opted to try the Crunchy Chicken Skin because Creative Loafing had recently unveiled their 100 Dishes list. To me, the appetizer tastes good with and without the peanut based-sauce... but probably better with it, hehe. In the Asian culinary world, it's hard to go wrong with peanut-based sauces. ;o)

As far as the sushi rolls go, I think I ordered these just to have something different. Very often, sushi restaurant tend to have the same rolls available, so I wanted to mix up my "usual" Rainbow roll for something else. The Red Dragon roll definitely had a kick to it! Mission accomplished.

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