Monday, April 1, 2013

Manuel's Tavern No-Smoking Policy

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that Manuel's Tavern has opted to become a smoke-free establishment by January 2014. I've been here a couple of times - one and two - and I didn't have any issues with the smoking. Believe me, being a non-smoker, I would have mentioned it if I did! I think they do a decent job of separating the smoking and non-smoking sides of the restaurant. But smoke travels and, according to the article, there has been a trend toward non-smoking.

I believe most Atlanta establishments have been non-smoking for a few years now. I was working part-time as a waitress about five or six years ago when Atlanta passed that particular ordinance. I remember liking it .. A LOT! [To my smoking friends, I love you.. you know I do.. but smoke gets to me. I appreciate your always keeping the secondhand smoke inhalation to a minimum.] Working in a restaurant environment where you can't get away from the smoke, I was more than happy for the ordinance. As a customer, I'm still happy about it.

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