Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foodie Pen Pal: Part Drei

Don't know what Foodie Pen Pal is? Catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2!

I received my package in the mail around the middle of April. Immediately, I was taken aback by how heavy it was! O_o What was in this thing?!

Crystal Light On the Go Energy Wild Strawberry drink mix
Mint Cookie Joy
Blueberry Muffin Hot Cereal with flaxseed
Ring Pop
Mentos Fruit
Starbucks Hot Cocoa with Toasted Marshmallow
Old Fashioned Peach Pie (This was the heavy piece of the package!)
Stride iD Berry Melon gum
Orbit gum
Orchard Bar Strawberry Raspberry bar

Plus a card!

Well, ... I DO have a sweet tooth, so this package was perfect! I pretty much ate the chocolates and the Mentos fruit right away. I had the hot cereal the next morning and the peach pie as a "snack" later that day. Suffice it to say that everything was annihilated by the end of the week. ^_^ Thanks for the Foodie Pen Pal experience! Check out what I sent to my recipient, Sarah, at her blog: http://szubarik.blogspot.com/.

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