Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chicago - Day 4

The fourth day in Chicago was also our last day. This was technically a half-day since our flight departed around 4:45 pm. :o\ We had dim sum at MingHin Cuisine in Chinatown. Unfortunately, we were in a rush so we did not have the chance to explore the Chinatown area. Suffice to say that there's an "old" Chinatown and a "new" Chinatown. I think we were in the "new" part. The dim sum was very quick and unusual because there were no traveling carts. You order off of a set menu - all dishes are pictured and labeled but not described - and the waiters bring the dishes to your table. Interesting. From the restaurant's perspective, I can see how this would be beneficial because you won't have food going to waste in those carts. As is customary with dim sum, we ordered too much. I hate leaving food behind but we had a full day ahead and didn't want to carry a to-go box in our travels.

We wanted to squeeze in the Skydeck and the Navy Pier but only had time for one, so we chose the Skydeck at Willis Tower. (I had been sick during my time in Chicago, so it made sense to go to an indoor attraction versus an outdoor one on the water.) FYI: There is no student discount for this tourist site. The elevator ride was pretty quick. The views at the John Hancock Observatory are a bit better but it was still neat to stand in the glass platform and take pictures. :o) We met up with a few friends of mine at a pizza place called Lou Malnati's. Lou's was one of three popular pizza places that had been recommended to us; the other two are Gino's East and Giordano's. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of Lou Malnati's. We ordered the "Lou" pizza which was basically vegetarian. To me, there wasn't a lot of flavor to it. If I go back sometime, I'd love to try out the other two places or maybe some hole-in-the-wall.

Afterwards, we met up at our host's place and gathered our luggage. Our host drove us to the airport - awesome! Fortunately, we had packed most of our things that morning. Overall, the weather was pretty dreary during our visit but I really enjoyed the "smallness" of the city (compared to New York) and the general cleanliness of the streets. Because Atlanta's public transit system is so lacking, I always enjoy and appreciate the public transit systems of other cities I visit. It's really nice to get around a city on your own two feet. I was also glad my sister was able to hang out with me. We hadn't been on a trip together since before she started college! Hopefully, we can make this a regular "thing." :o)

MingHin Cuisine - a dim sum restaurant

I've never ordered dim sum this way before but I'm sure it's a lot more efficient than ordering from carts.

Outside the front door of MingHin

Skydeck at Willis Tower

My sister and I

Lou Malnati's

The Lou - Spinach mix, mushrooms, and sliced roma tomatoes, covered with three cheeses.

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