Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chicago - Day 2

On the second day of Christmas... oh wait... Let me start over. :oP My sister and I slept in and went to a brunch/breakfast place for lunch. -___-" We dined at Yolk. I selected a fiesta salad off of the specials menu while my sister opted for an eggs benedict dish. Afterwards, we took public transit to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the San Francisco Giants. I love that we could literally walk from the metro station to the stadium - awesome! We got some glove-swag for attending, which was great because it was cold and misty throughout the game. The weather was too much for us - particularly me because I'd been battling a cold from the night before - so we left early. As further blasphemy, we didn't bother to check the final score. This really offended some older guy we met the next day, for some reason. 

We ducked into a Starbucks near the field to figure out our next move. We decided to hit up the Chicago Cultural Center. I had stepped into this building from another entrance the day before and saw nothing worth seeing. Apparently, one entrance makes all the difference! My sister and I perused the building's few floors, one of which housed a small auditorium (there was a jazz performance that evening). Another floor had tall ceilings with intricate architecture and another floor contained an art gallery/installation - interesting! There's also a visitor information center inside but we didn't think to visit it until after operating hours. Oh well.

I noticed a Garrett's Popcorn shop, so we bought a small Chicago mix - sweet CaramelCrisp with savory CheeseCorn. Great snack! The small was really big, actually. We held onto that popcorn bag until we returned to Atlanta, haha. Handy! I met up with a friend and his wife at a Thai restaurant, Tiparos, which was close to our last destination of the evening, Second City. I didn't realize Second City was a combination of smaller theatres/venues - that was pretty neat. It reminded me of Centre Stage in that respect. We had picked up discounted improv tickets earlier in the day near the Chicago Cultural Center. ;o) There were three performances - Baby Robots, Half & Half, and Portion Control. Baby Robots were clearly newbies - they had a couple of solid individuals but the overall performance could've used some polish and that takes time. Portion Control was the most experienced of the bunch. These ladies KILLED - they worked so seamlessly together. Half & Half was sort of the middling group - they had some great skits and some not-so-great skits. What put me off at first was the fact that they had a little dance routine at the beginning of their sketch. ... WHY?? This is improv, not So You Think You Can Dance. -___-" We found out they end their routine the same way. >.> Overall, we ended up having a lot of downtime between venues so we moseyed a bit here and there. The improv shows started pretty late though, so we had a truly full day. O_o

Fiesta quinoa salad - Quinoa, avocado, corn, black beans, tomato, red onion, chicken breast, and mixed greens all tossed together and served with homemade southwestern chipotle dressing

Wrigley Field - Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants

The first 10,000 attendees at Wrigley Field received a free pair of Chicago Cubs texting gloves!

Chicago Cultural Center

Garrett's Popcorn - Chicago mix

Tiparos Pad Thai Chicken

Second City

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