Monday, April 15, 2013

Chicago - Day 1

I arrived on a weekday evening, so I am starting this post on the first full day of being in Chicago. ;oP I slept in late (awesome) and met up with a friend at Wildberry. Afterwards, she joined me at the Art Institute of Chicago (even though she's already been there a handful of times) and we saw certain exhibits in the museum. If we wanted to look at everything, we would have been there all day. It's just a fact that I'm only interested in certain works of art and I could care less about, say, statues or vases. The truth hurts. ;oP By the way, the Art Institute offers a student discount with proof of student ID. Sometimes tourist spots require in-state IDs and some don't. In this instance, the in-state ID had a better discount but I'm happy to get whatever discounts I can get!

I met up with my sister that night at her friend's place. Her friend graciously let us crash there for the duration of the trip. The three of us went out for a late dinner at Avec. The food's on the pricey side but it was delicious. I especially liked the dates!

So handy for getting around the city!

Met up with an Atlanta friend for lunch here

Duck confit hash

Art Institute of Chicago

Chorizo-stuffed medjool dates with bacon and piquillo-tomato sauce

Marinated chicken thigh with brussel sprouts, ginger-currants, potatoes, sumac and cilantro

Wood-fired pizza with PQM salumi toscano, marinated broccolini, parmesan and gorgonzola creme fraiche

Buttermilk pana cotta with rhubarb jam, fennel short bread, and orange crunch

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