Friday, March 29, 2013

Roasted Chicken

I met up with some friends at H-Mart and we all decided to share a shopping cart. Despite having grown up in the South, in my book, it's a cart, not a buggy. Out of a habit of making chicken soups, I picked up chicken, celery, and carrots. (I already had potatoes at home.) Because I didn't want to make another chicken soup, I browsed the Internet for another kind of chicken recipe. I stumbled upon an easy roasted chicken one that I thought would turn out well. Umm... Let's just say that my first attempts at following recipes are always fraught with peril. And mistakes.

Unlike previous posts, I'm not going to list the ingredients and directions. You can find the link to the recipe at the bottom. I can tell you from this experience I'm pretty sure I didn't place the veggies close enough to the coils in the oven. That's what did me in. Did I have patience to keep the dish in the oven longer? Nope! The veggies weren't cooked enough and the chicken was cooked but dry. Maybe next time...




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