Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cheesecake Factory

Fried Avocado and Zucchini (there was one more thing - maybe mushrooms)

Renee's Special - One-half of a Fresh Turkey or Chicken Salad Sandwich (Chicken!), a cup of soup (Chicken Artichoke), and a small green salad

Cheesecake was a late lunch for my sister and I. Initially, I wasn't going to order anything but the food smells lured me. I couldn't believe how many people were eating there on a Saturday afternoon. Unbelievable! I need to get out of my non-chain-restaurant-bubble more, I guess.

My sister ordered an appetizer, which we split, and a pasta dish. The appetizer, though fried, was delicious. The two aiolis (ahem, sauces) made it taste better. O_o So bad.. but so good. I opted for Renee's Special, which was phenomenal. You get soup, salad, and a sandwich for one price. Since I was meeting up with a group of friends soon for dinner, I only ate the appetizer and soup. The chicken artichoke soup was really good. I was pleasantly surprised; it was almost like a chowder! (You know how much I love chowders.) There was chicken, artichoke, red bell pepper, corn, potato, ... so many ingredients that I want to make my own version soon.

I found a similar recipe for it online: I'm adding this to the queue of recipes I intend on making at home. 

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