Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Ode to Food Blogs

Happy Pi Day! Instead of writing about my food adventures (this time), I thought I'd promote my friends' food blogs. It'd be interesting to provide 3.14 blogs to you but I'll stick to a round number instead. ;o) I know one friend who has graciously led some readers to my site, so I'm paying it forward... and, um, back. ^_^

Imaginary Beginner Chef
Currently based out of Boston, Lindsay throws together meals without measuring cups or recipes. She imagines these meals - almost daydreams, really - and then actively brings them to life. I wish we lived closer if only to be a guinea pig for her creations. She's stepped away from the blog for a while but plans to pick it up again soon. Feel free to peruse the mouth-watering posts from days past!

My Pig Me Up
Tram created this blog out of her passion for pork products. There's also a MeetUp group and Facebook fan page. This blog is not solely dedicated to food, either. You'll find various pig articles, comic strips, memes, videos, and the like in her posts. It's a veritable pork platter of information!

No Time for Pie
Run by three ladies, I heard about this blog from Aly - a friend, former classmate, and 1/3 contributor. Topics range from baking to upcycling, so it's more of an "everything but the kitchen sink" type of blog instead of a food-specific one. Still, it's highly entertaining and maybe you'll learn something about life in the process. ;o)

One Happy Vegetarian
Marisa switched to vegetarianism a while ago and started a blog to share her kitchen experiments. It's hard eating out as a vegetarian (Sweet Tomatoes, anyone?), so it only makes sense to make food at home. Cooking at home has many benefits, including knowing the ingredients that go into your meals and keeping food costs down (though goods have increased in price, it's still more economical to shop for groceries than to eat out). Like Lindsay, Marisa has stepped away from the blog for a bit but plans on picking it up again.

If there are other food blogs you'd like me to be aware of, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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