Friday, February 15, 2013


Lamb Kabob - 1 charbroiled boneless lamb filet marinated in our special sauce

Boneless Chicken Kabob - 1 strip of thick charbroiled chunks of chicken breast marinated in our special sauce

I'd heard of Fanoos for a long time, so when I saw an online voucher for it, I didn't hesitate! I've always known that eating there would be expensive. O_o If you're going to try something new, you can at least comfort yourself with the thought that you got a good bargain, regardless of whether you liked it.

My sister and I met up there to chit-chat and we had no idea what to order, so we went with the waitress' recommendations. The kabobs came with a slightly hardened not-quite-naan, walnuts, cheese, radishes, and mint leaves. When you combine some or all of the above, it's quite tasty. I generally left the mint out of the equation though. Once our orders arrived, I can safely say the lamb is fantastic! The chicken? Not so much. The chicken kabob was too salty - thereby necessitating consumption of the basmati rice. The lamb kabob was pretty awesome - tender, moist, nicely seasoned. I don't understand the purpose of the charred tomato other than as a garnish but I ate that as well. I'm SO glad I ate there with a voucher! Fanoos, check.

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