Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cheeseburger Bobby's

Cheeseburger Bobby's is relatively new to our neighborhood. The name is somewhat er, cheesy, but the concept is similar to other high-end burger places that have popped up over the years (thanks to the wild success of FLIP Burger, in my opinion). Similar but not exactly the same. You order at the counter and get your own drink, then you pick up your "plain" or "cheese"burger and get your own toppings and condiments. On second thought, perhaps this is an upscale Fuddruckers or even a better McDonald's! But I digress.

My sister ordered a combination meal with a cheeseburger (same as me) and chili fries. If I recall correctly, the fries were all right. My personal preference is to add ketchup to chili fries.

For all that you pay, you'd think the kitchen would put it together for you. The burger tasted fine - mostly due to the bun, imo - but I have issues with the pricing. Surely it isn't that expensive to buy/make these patties. On the plus side, since this place is new, it's fairly clean. It also has free wi-fi. :o) No issues with the quality of the burger, just the price. For that reason alone, I doubt I'll make a return visit.

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