Friday, February 8, 2013


Smoked Penne - Penne pasta with smoked beef sausage, mushrooms, and creamed tomato sauce 

A friend chose to have his birthday dinner at Basil's, which is located in Buckhead. I was pleasantly surprised because I had never heard of this place before. (There is a jewelry store within walking distance that's pretty neat - 5Continents.) There's complimentary valet parking or, if you get there early enough, you can find street parking on Grandview. I risked getting booted but it paid off! Besides, the birthday group was huge and I didn't feel like waiting on the valet to get my car. O_o

I was initially attracted to the Spanish Paella on the menu but kept finding negative reviews for it, so I switched to the Penne instead. I really liked it - the sauce was creamy and the noodles were cooked a little more than al dente. Bread slices came with another person's order of mussels, so I took one to sop up the remaining sauce. :o) The sauce complemented the sausage quite nicely; I don't normally picture a creamy sauce with sausage but this worked, probably due to the tomato-nature of the sauce. I have this nagging feeling, however, that I could make something similar at home. O_O Well... it was still good to try out a new place! It's nice to know there are still restaurants to explore in the city.

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