Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bantam + Biddy

Protein Scramble - 3 local farm eggs, rotisserie chicken, cheddar or goat cheese (goat!), scallions (removed scallions), and fresh fruit

I had never heard of Bantam + Biddy before, so I was curious when a friend asked to meet there for brunch. A bantam is a small variety of poultry, especially chickens; a biddy is a young chicken. I suppose it's better than having a restaurant called "Chicken + Chicken" or worse, "Chicken^2." ;oP I have to say, the name adds a layer of depth to the restaurant. They have plenty of gluten-free menu options, which was a priority for my friend. Considering Sunday brunches in Atlanta are always crowded, we opted to meet earlier in the morning. I guess you could call it breakfast time.

Since it was so early, I opted for a cup of coffee which was all right. The waitress had to make it fresh, which you can't really complain about, you know? ;o) My friend had already split an order of Sublime Doughnuts with a third friend by the time I got there. They were nice enough to save me pieces of each doughnut, haha. I don't think the doughnuts were a good idea because those two had been on a doughnut kick recently. Besides, you're taking up valuable stomach space from breakfast! (They learned this lesson after they got their plates.) And yes, you can purchase Sublime Doughnuts here. I'm glad Sublime is branching out from its original location on 10th Street. :o) Of course, this could also be bad news for a person's waistline but... to each his/her own.

Because I had had the doughnuts, I opted for a protein-rich, carb-less dish: the Protein Scramble. I had a feeling that goat cheese would be an interesting choice for the chicken and eggs, and I was right! I was worried I would get little cheese in the chicken-egg-cheese ratio but, to my surprise, there was a decent amount of all three ingredients on the plate. Mwah ha ha!! Doughnuts notwithstanding, I like to think I ate healthy that morning.

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