Saturday, February 16, 2013

Australian Bakery Cafe

Ned Kelly Pie - Ironically named after the armor wearing bushranger, this ‘exposed’ sirloin 
steak and gravy pie is topped with a fresh cracked egg, bacon and cheddar

Ahh, Australian Bakery. I'd heard of the place for over a year before I actually made it to Marietta Square to try it out in person. The story goes: for Labor Day weekend 2011, my friends and I carpooled to Fripp Island, South Carolina, for a few days' time. One of them brought along several pounds of Australian Bakery sausages. I fell hard for these babies once I had a grilled version. O.. M.. G. It was phenomenal! Everyone concurred. I made a mental note from then on to try out this place. 

I met up with a couple of friends here for lunch on a blustery, windy day. Thank goodness there's indoor seating! The staff is accommodating, friendly, and helpful. They were the first ones to point out when a table was available for me and my friends. There's limited seating inside but I think that kind of adds to the charm. You order at the counter and get your own drink, and they bring the food to you.

I ordered the Ned Kelly Pie. To be honest, I wanted to try a lot of menu items but the picture of the Ned Kelly Pie sold me. I also tried to convince myself that because it wasn't an "enclosed" pie that it was technically better for me - fewer carbs! *shaking my head* Anyway, it was delicious! There were a few soups available that day including potato bacon and chili, and I chose the only truly tomato version available. My friends were not impressed with the potato bacon but gave a thumbs up on the chili. I definitely recommend the tomato soup! I really think the combination of a savory pie with tomato soup works well; it's reminiscent of the traditional grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup combination... but with meat. ;o) The portion sizes were perfect.

Anyway, I also bought one pound of sausages (there were two kinds available - I got the non-spicy version). I brought it home for my family to try; if they liked it, I would get more. If not, then it was just one pound. Sadly, we have not cooked those sausages as of yet. Sigh. Maybe I just need to hijack the kitchen one day soon... Australian Bakery - GO!

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