Friday, February 1, 2013


Aomi House Roll

My sister was craving sushi this particular evening, so we went to Aomi at The Forum. The ambiance is nice inside and out; I happen to think it's a little cheesy on the inside but to each her own. Unfortunately, we were seated close to the front door this evening and kept feeling the chilly air whenever people were trafficking the area. As for the service, it was so-so. I had to wait a while before my drink was refilled and my sister and I both waited longer than we should have for our orders to arrive. I only ordered one sushi roll, the Aomi House Roll, which I recall being delicious. I thought the menu would be posted online (it isn't), so I neglected to capture the roll's contents. It is definitely the House Roll though.

I'm a sucker for different tastes and textures in sushi rolls, probably so much so that the roll can't really be considered sushi. -____-" At least I admit it!

Overall, this restaurant was a little pricey for me. My sister's meal was a combination dish and cost at least twice as much as my roll! Ridiculous. If anything, come here during lunch, not dinner. Hopefully the lunchtime service is faster than dinnertime!

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