Friday, January 25, 2013

Uncle Julio's

This was my second trip to Uncle Julio's, but the first time visiting the Buckhead location. I had been to the Sandy Springs location once before and had a horrible experience - both with the food and the service. I'm pleased to say the second go-around was significantly better than the first!

First of all, the service at the Buckhead location was pretty spot-on. Everyone's orders came out in a reasonable amount of time. The only 'oops' moment was when someone didn't get their fajita tortillas; this was quickly corrected though. Drinks were refilled and plates were taken away in a timely manner.

Adhering to the comment left on the first Uncle Julio's post, I ordered the fajitas. Chicken fajitas. The seasoning they use is pretty good, I'll have to admit, and there are condiments a-plenty (sour cream, guac, etc). I definitely could not finish the meal, so I'm glad it was a "two meals for the price of one" type of deal. It's still a bit pricey for me but stretching it into two meals helps. Also, the chips and salsa at this location were MUCH better than the Sandy Springs location. It tasted nothing like the mesquite flavor I mentioned in the previous post!

I don't know why I had such drastically different experiences at the two locations but I'm glad I gave the place another try.

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