Friday, January 25, 2013

Pho Bac

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm not a huge fan of pho itself. The broth simply doesn't fill me up. If I have a bowl of noodle soup for lunch, I know for sure that I'll be hungry at least one hour later. -___-" That doesn't strike me as being a good value but if you want pho, you want pho.

Whenever I'm at a pho place such as Pho Bac, I always order a vermicelli noodle dish. It always comes with fish sauce which is AWESOME, and you can generally find one that includes meat, veggies, egg rolls, or a combination thereto. I usually order the pork and egg roll vermicelli dish but I decided against the pork this evening. The pork and egg roll should stretch into two meals for me but my greedy stomach usually takes over and finishes the dish well after the point of being full. :o( Knowing this and knowing that this dinner was a late one anyway, I opted only for the egg roll which was a good decision.

I tried not using all of the fish sauce but it's impossible. You just have to otherwise you're going to hit a dry noodle somewhere and it just tastes bland. So go ahead and pour the whole bowl of fish sauce into the noodle dish and toss to coat accordingly. There are veggies hidden underneath the noodles to make you think you're eating healthy. Hahaha.... okay, you keep thinking that. ;oP I like Pho Bac because the service is fast and everything on the menu is reasonably priced... but mostly because the service is fast. If you want "fast food" that's not a traditional American burger joint, then you should come to this place.

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