Saturday, January 26, 2013

Outback Steakhouse

Every year for my stepmom's birthday, we go to Outback Steakhouse. I'm not a huge fan of steak because it can be too heavy for me at times but I made an exception that night, hehe.

The plate sizes have gotten smaller! Hmm... I wonder if it has something to do with cost-cutting during the recession, though I don't frequent Outback often enough to know when this change happened. It's just my best guess. If anyone else knows, do tell!

I loved the Hollandaise sauce! I must admit though, I enjoyed a bite of my brother's New York Strip steak more. I can't quite pinpoint whether it was the marinade or the cut of the meat, but I felt the NY Strip tasted better. Every year, I forget which cut I should get. Hopefully, I'll reference this post next year and I'll be on my way. :o) The veggies were there as a reminder for me to eat healthily, especially after we had Bloomin' Onions and Spinach Artichoke dip as appetizers. o_____O Of course, all of this food was on top of the loaves of bread and butter we had. Needless to say, we always stuff ourselves for my stepmom's birthday. (As if holiday eating weren't bad enough!)

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