Saturday, January 26, 2013


I was introduced to Himalayas about a year or two ago. Several friends and I ate there for dinner to celebrate a someone's birthday. I met up with a couple of friends here for the lunch buffet. Surprisingly, it'd been a while since I last had Indian food.

The lunch buffet is pretty typical of Indian lunch buffets: soup, rice, naan, vegetarian dishes, and chicken dishes. There are also desserts and yogurts available. This place was pretty empty when we ate there but perhaps the cold weather kept people away. The service is okay; they've got nothing on Panahar though. (Panahar is still my favorite Indian place!) One of my favorite Indian dishes is the saag paneer - spinach and cheese. OMG... I love it. You can fill up pretty quickly, especially with the never-ending naan. 

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