Saturday, January 26, 2013


Crab Cake Remoulade - Two jumbo lump crab cakes with remoulade sauce and a side item (mixed veggies)

Po'Boy with fries 

Chocolate Pie

Fontaine's in Virginia Highlands - I had seen the sign a few times but never cared to try it until my friend mentioned she had a voucher, haha. Amazing what vouchers can do, huh?

We wound up in the back patio near a heat lamp, thank goodness. It was a cold evening and we didn't feel like getting sick. I believe the voucher was from, and it was definitely worth it. My friend ordered a cup of the lobster bisque and a po'boy while I ordered the crab cake remoulade. The crab cakes were good - the sauce really made it. The texture of the cakes was lightly fried on both sides but still soft enough on the inside where you don't feel like you're chewing rubber. YUM. The vegetables were on the mushy side having been sauteed pretty well, which I prefer. This is especially the case with squash and zucchini because not cooking them long enough, to me, gives the veggies a rubbery texture that I don't particularly like.

The cake was the best though. In appearance, it reminds me of Waffle House chocolate pie, haha. I'll have to stop by a Waffle House soon to compare. ;o) I'd go back to Fontaine's but only with a voucher.

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