Monday, December 31, 2012

Crawfish Shack Seafood

Meal #2 - 10 large shrimps, 2 hush puppies, cajun corn on the cob, and cajun red potatoes

Hopefully you know by now that a friend of mine owns Crawfish Shack Seafood off of Buford Highway. Hopefully you also know that there will be a wait whenever you go (both to take your order and to deliver your food), so you should try to make it during off-peak times. I ordered the ten shrimp meal and it took a while to get it. The employees share the blame with the small kitchen, which is ill-equipped to keep up with such high demand. Unfortunately, at this time there are no plans to expand the kitchen. There are, however, rumors that the owner is scouting a second location. Crawfish Shack has a fairly active Facebook page - check it out here. Food's still great - I still like eating here. You just need to budget time for the meal.

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