Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bone Lick Barbecue

Big Ole Totties - Tots, sausage, pulled pork, chipotle bbq sauce, Brunswick stew, homemade cheese sauce, jalapenos 

The Austin-tacious - Chopped brisket, fried shoestring onions, slaw, sweet heat bbq sauce with a side of cider slaw  

Bone Lick BBQ was a part of Atlanta's Meat Week, a week-long trek of eating at local BBQ joints. I can't eat that much BBQ in one day let alone one week, so I opted to pick just one day to meet up with friends. It turned out that (a) one of my friends had a voucher to this place and (b) another friend was coming back from a work trip this day, so it worked out for those who wanted to come. I invited more people but, for whatever reason, there were four of us that evening. It's all good though - I prefer small groups anyway.

One friend had already been here before and recommended the tots and the Austin-tacious. He had tried other sandwiches but kept coming back to that one, so I had to try it, of course. My biggest mistake was ordering the side of cider slaw. The sandwich already comes with slaw on it, so the extra slaw was bit much. I thought it was going to be on the sweet side but it was quite salty and sour from being drenched in vinegar. Note to self: Order jalapeno mac and cheese next time. Otherwise, the sandwich was great. I liked the different flavors and textures together. I ate the sandwich last though which, with everything on it, made the bread a bit soggy on the bottom.

The tots were excellent, though I think the "homemade" cheese sauce tastes eerily similar to movie theatre nacho cheese sauce. If you have a different opinion, please let me know. I haven't ordered nachos at a movie theater in a while, so I need someone to confirm or deny. ;oP On the whole, I liked the food there. I'm not as impressed with the service though. Perhaps the Meat Week crowd threw them for a loop?

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