Friday, January 25, 2013


I've been to Aladdin's before and, out of curiosity, ordered shawarma. I wasn't that adventurous this time around, so I went with the falafel meal. I had had this meal the very first time I came to this place (pre-food blog). It still tastes great - it comes out freshly cooked but not searing hot so you can eat it right away. I don't think there's enough pita bread, truth be told, but you can stretch the meal into two if you wanted to do so. I know I did, so I took the leftover falafels and used regular bread as a pita stand-in. Not ideal but it'll do in a pinch.

Whatever dressing is used for the salad... I wish there wasn't so much of it. I tend not to eat many of those veggies because the dressing tastes a little tart to me. Otherwise, it's comforting to see ethnic people in the restaurant. Always a sign of a good place.

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