Wednesday, January 2, 2013

300 Atlanta

Tri-Berry Chicken Salad

300 Atlanta is an upscale bowling alley near 285 between N Peachtree Rd and N Shallowford Rd. Though it was a rainy New Year's Day, I'm glad my friends invited me out to meet up and catch up. The deal was $15 for unlimited bowling. I didn't actually bowl that day - I had already been bowling with my siblings days earlier - so I was glad to grab some lunch (menu) while I was there. There seemed to be only one or two "servers" out in the lanes that day. I guess they weren't expecting it to be busy but it was. It took four of us about an hour to get our food. O_o OMG... we were starving! The server was super nice but man, it took way too long! The food was good though. I can't find the tri-berry chicken salad on the online menu (oops) so I can only list the two berries that I remember. ^__^" I think the third one was raspberry but I am not sure. Anyway, I figured I should eat something healthy because, well, you know about all the gluttonous holiday fare and New Year's resolutions and all that. It was pretty filling in the end. I kind of wish I had gotten a different salad though. Looking back, I don't think I'm a huge fan of uncooked spinach for some reason. I think there's a plastic-y feel to the leaves for me. Hmm... anyway, I also tried the calamari which was good, too. I wouldn't mind eating here again but I know for a fact that I can find better bowling deals than that. :oP

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