Sunday, December 30, 2012


I joined a couple of girl friends at Zuma because one of them had a HalfOffDepot deal for this restaurant. (Technically, the deal still exists - an additional 50% off with discount code: everything50.) I imagine this deal will end on January 1.

I had a little trouble finding the restaurant at first. It's in a no-man's land of shops on a stretch of pavement in the parking lot when you try to go to Publix from Kroger (or vice versa). There's a coffee shop next door though which offers free wi-fi, even when the coffee shop is closed, hehe.

We went to Zuma Toco Hill earlier this month, so I honestly don't remember the specifics of our order. O_o Most of the sushi was pretty good, though the last one pictured was mostly RICE. I wouldn't recommend that one; I think it had squid in it. It's basically rice-filled squid wrapped in seaweed and tempura-fried. Service was great - very attentive. We went to a frozen yogurt place in the same shopping center, Menchie's, for dessert.

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