Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tijuana Garage

Chihuahua cheese stuffed poblano pepper, fried golden brown, topped with burrito sauce, fresh salsa verde, golden raisins & pecans over Mexican rice

This was my second time at Tijuana Garage, but my first time eating here, haha. Confused? The first time I was there, I could only stay for 15 minutes so I didn't bother ordering anything. Instead, I munched on their chips and salsa. By the way, I do like their chips and salsa - my friends and I definitely put the waitress to work on those refills.

Tired of ordering fish tacos (since I had had MJ's the previous day), I went with a bold option: chili relleno. I have actually ordered chili relleno before at other Mexican/Tex-Mex places but this was the first one that not only came out fried but also was truly spicy. I suppose the poblano pepper had something to do with that. -____-"" Anyway, I was shamelessly in love with the melted cheese within the pepper but I couldn't handle much of the pepper itself. I'm afraid I only ate about 1/3 of it before I gave up and ate around it.

I really enjoyed the texture that frying brought to the chili relleno. It wasn't healthy by any means but, well, I don't eat fried food all that much anyway. Fried breading plus melted cheese plus rice = awesome. 

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