Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stacks Lofts Tour

I was told about the Stacks Lofts and Artists Tour (also the Facebook page: by a business acquaintance. He and his wife moved into these lofts earlier this year, I believe. I had never heard of this tour before and was interested in seeing the loft-style of home, so I convinced a friend to go with me. $5 cash admission per person. There were a few lofts on each floor that were open to visitors; select residents opened their lofts for viewing. Most of the lofts housed artists, so the loft tour doubled as an art exhibit, if you will. I ended up purchasing a small portrait of the main characters from the movie, Back to the Future, for a friend of mine. :o) She loves those movies.

I wasn't sure how obnoxious I could be with the camera, so I took many photos without flash (for better or worse). I had a good time visiting most of the lofts but there were few places to sit (no seating in the hallways) and I didn't feel comfortable sitting in someone else's home, even if they've opened it to the public. In the end, I don't see myself living in a loft - high ceilings make me think of (a) wasted space and (b) huge energy bills - but it was nice seeing them in person. Oh, also they have very small kitchens. For all the cooking and baking I like to do, I could never skimp on a kitchen. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

One of my faves... The residents removed the traditional spiral staircase and replaced it with a more reasonable wooden version (no handrail though).

Another fave... Very nicely decorated, imho. I'm pretty sure a gay couple lives here.

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