Sunday, December 16, 2012

MJ Korean Tacos & Wings

 Pork taco - Marinated in a spicy Korean chili sauce, with caramel mayo

Fried fish taco - Seasoned, fried tilapia, pickled jalapeno, house sweet sauce

I had heard of MJ Korean Tacos once, so I was glad a friend of mine recommended we meet here for lunch. If you know about my almost-obsession with Hankook Taqueria, then you will be glad to know that you won't have to go ITP (inside the perimeter) to find decent Korean tacos.

We arrived around opening time, and there wasn't anyone else in the joint yet. MJ's does have free, password-protected Wi-fi, which you know I love. Our waiter was quite attentive and polite. We didn't have to wait long for our orders to come out, either. I really liked the amount of veggies in each taco; you can trick yourself into thinking you're eating healthy! Haha... :oP Anyway, I liked both tacos but I especially remember the pickled jalapeno in the fish taco. I can't remember seeing pickled jalapenos in fish tacos before  (though it's highly probable, given the number of fish tacos I've eaten over the years), but I liked it.

The place is a little tricky to find but it's right beside the Korean Chicken & Beer place I went to in October. I'd like to go back and try out some other menu items in the near future. FYI: On my bank statement, MJ means Mama Jin's. I was a little confused at first but thought it to be clever marketing to shorten the name. Enjoy!

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