Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mercier Orchard

I needed to get away from Atlanta for a bit, so I ventured into north Georgia to visit a different orchard. I had gone to BJ Reece some months ago and had heard afterwards about the superiority of Mercier. I can safely say, YES, Mercier Orchards is much better! We didn't go apple-picking, we just wanted to buy apples and have a look around the store. I ended up getting three pecks of golden delicious apples for my stepmom and her co-workers, a half-peck of pink lady apples for myself, and apple butter and blueberry pie ($10) for my dad. Even though we drove up in the middle of December, there were plenty of apples available for sale. Awesome! I really enjoyed perusing the store and having lunch in the cafe. On our way back to the city, we stopped by the North Georgia Premium Outlets. Not sure if it was that busy due to Christmas coming up, but there were several people there shopping in horrendously tacky Christmas-colored outfits. O_O No pictures of the Outlet experience... thank goodness.

My favorite variety! I discovered this variety when I visited a friend in Baltimore some years ago. She had taken me to a nearby farmer's market where there were several apple varieties to choose from.

There's a tasting station in the back of the market. Smart - you're making people walk through all these aisles of products just to get to ya. ;o) Likewise, people have to walk through the same aisles to get to the registers near the front door.

Inside the doors and to the right, there is a small cafe. My friends and I had lunch there. Everything was pretty reasonable in terms of price and quite tasty. Three of us ordered soup and sandwiches and one of us got chili and a sandwich. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich croissant with ... uuhh... I want to say it was a spring asparagus soup. ^_^" I thought the cafe menu would be online... but it's not. The only complaint I have about the sandwich was that it was too small. :oP

One of two hard cider options - Not as sweet as we were expecting...

The second hard cider option - Sweeter than the first... but not that sweet.

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