Sunday, December 16, 2012

Manuel's Tavern

Southwestern Chicken Grill - Blackened chicken breast, with avocado, pepperjack cheese, Applewood bacon, and salsa on a Kaiser roll, with lettuce, tomato and onion.

I'd been to Manuel's Tavern once for brunch, so it was a nice change of pace to be there for dinner. I went with a friend to check out an open-mic event called Carapace. It was the last one for the year, but it will start up again in January (I believe).

I ordered a chicken sandwich with fries, though I just noticed that I was supposed to have gotten avocado but didn't. Hmm. Anyway, I hadn't had a chicken sandwich in such a long time and I figured it was healthier than a burger.... but not by much. I was aiming for a salad but my devilish side won.

The sandwich was pretty good, though I know I could probably make a similar version at home. The fries were fine as well. I was more interested in the open-mic event than analyzing the meal, really. The open-mic event invites people to tell a 5-minute story based on a pre-selected topic, in this case "blind-sided." Most of the stories were poorly structured but did incorporate the topic, to a degree. (I'll have you know that English literature was my second major in undergrad, so I'm attuned to whether or not a story makes sense.) There was one that stuck out and I'll never forget how the store, Bed Bath & Beyond, played a part in it, haha. That was a great story.

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