Sunday, December 16, 2012

JCT Kitchen

Deviled eggs with Benton's country ham

JCT Salad - Little gems, green beans, spiced pecans, apples, Cruze Family buttermilk dressing

Fried Chicken Salad - JCT salad, crispy fried chicken breast

Wood Grilled Chicken Sandwich - House-smoked goat cheese, marinated tomatoes, lemony arugula with truffle oil fries (I believe)

JCT Kitchen was quite a nice restaurant. It's on the backside of the restaurant/retail pavilion though, fyi. I was a little confused about how to get to the front door and ended up getting in through a side entrance! Ah well... I made it. :oP I'm glad I was able to catch up with a couple of friends there. The food was phenomenal. The deviled eggs were recommended to me by a friend, so I knew I had to get those. I originally though there were prosciutto slices on top but apparently it's thinly sliced country ham! Unfortunately (but fortunately?), my friends don't eat (or didn't want) eggs so I had all five to myself. O_o Since I was left alone with the eggs, I figured my only other menu option was salad. Eggs = protein = fills me up quickly. 

The JCT salad was a good choice. I normally ask for salad dressing on the side but forgot to do so this time around. The salad came out a bit on the deconstructed side, where I had to cut the lettuce into pieces myself. I don't mind doing this as long as the ingredients are fresh. Plus, the apples and pecans provided a nice texture to the overall dish.

My friends ordered the fried chicken salad and the fried chicken sandwich. The French fries had shredded cheese and (I believe) truffle oil sprinkled on top. OMG, so good. I was able to try some fries; I'll definitely have to get my own next time. I hope I can go back soon!

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