Sunday, December 30, 2012

Humble House Restaurant

My car's check engine light had come on a day or two prior, so dad was kind enough to follow me to the dealership while I dropped off my car. I spent the day carpooling with him - I have to say, not being in the driver's seat was pretty relaxing! We ran a few errands I needed to do ITP, then we headed OTP to run his errands.

Humble House (no website) is located inside the Great Wall Supermarket off of Pleasant Hill Rd. Dad and I stopped here to have lunch and do some grocery shopping. When you walk into the supermarket, the food court is immediately to your left. This dish is not in the take-out menu, fyi.

I felt like having something spicy (but not too spicy) and seafood, so I opted for this dish. Dad ordered for us and I waited for the order while he went grocery shopping. Two birds, one stone! I don't think you have to know Mandarin Chinese to order here... but I know it doesn't hurt. I want to say the fish was tilapia. It was pretty tender and not as spicy as the name suggests, which I appreciated! It was a little oily but rice helps with that, sort of. O_o It definitely hit the spot! Dad ordered two dishes, and we shared everything (of course). It was actually my first time at Great Wall. I know Dad had worked on the food court here a while ago - he works at Atlanta Fixture & Sales - but I had never been before. Shame on me, right? Well, I will definitely be back.

Oh... By the way, this supermarket does not accept American Express. The more you know!

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