Friday, November 23, 2012

World Peace Cafe

FYI: Shiitake is misspelled in the menu. ;oP

Pumpkin pie tea 

Cauliflower quiche with lentil kale mushroom soup 

I'd heard of World Peace Cafe for the longest time but could never remember to actually GO until recently. Sad but true. Once I arrived, I immediately thought of the movie, Miss Congeniality, and that scene where all the contestants wish for world peace. :o) That movie is so funny.

I was tempted to try any version of the burger because the ingredients sound pretty darn healthy, but I opted for the quiche instead. I am a sucker for quiches. What happens though is that whenever I order a quiche at a restaurant, I never think the serving size slice is adequate so a part of me would rather make it at home. Never fails. Anyway, the quiche was quite tasty. I hardly tasted the shallots, which is good for me since they are an onion relative. Still trying to slowly incorporate that into my meals, you know.

The soup was also really good. I would not think to combine kale, mushrooms, and lentils but it makes sense once you eat it. Well, I've never used kale so that probably explains something. -____-" Anyway, I asked for a couple of slices of wheat toast because, well, how else are you going to eat quiche and soup? I thought it came with bread but it didn't. I don't think there was an extra charge for it, either. Of course, since I had already paid for the meal before I got it, perhaps it was going to be too much of a hassle to charge me for the bread. Hmm.

There's seating on the main level as well as up the stairs, though the restroom is also on the main level. Free Wi-fi is awesome, too. Pleasant employees provided good service. I went here during a weekday, so it makes me wonder what the place would look like on the weekends. I'd like to come back and try something else, so maybe I'll get to see what a weekend crowd looks like.

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