Friday, November 23, 2012

Haru Ichiban

Cream croquette lunch
(Sorry for the blurry pics!) 

My family loves Haru Ichiban. I find it funny/odd that a Japanese place would have Mandarin-speaking employees. If anything, for people who don't know any better, this only adds to the confusion about Asian ethnicities. Please don't go around thinking the employees are Japanese, or that they're speaking Japanese. Mandarin and Japanese people and dialects are very different!

My family loves this place because the seafood is of good quality, or so my dad says. The last time we were here, we ate sashimi for dinner and it was quite tasty.

We came here for lunch while we had out-of-town visitors, and I ordered the cream croquettes. They came with a ginger-dressed salad and miso soup (not pictured). I should have asked what the croquettes were beforehand because, for some reason, I was expecting a seafood (crab) filling and instead I got corn. I think there was at one time a crab croquette menu item though. Maybe I should have just paid closer attention. :o\ I wouldn't recommend this particular menu item. 

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