Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Thanksgiving

We had extended family visiting from France, and they stayed with us for about two weeks' time. The night before they left, we put on an early Thanksgiving dinner. I've captioned the foods I think I know. ^_^"

Seaweed, Chinese broccoli 

Adult beverage 

Mussels with mayo/roe sauce 

This was a creamy seafood soup mix. I'm not sure what was in it, exactly. O_o 


Pig ears (maybe), soy beans (also maybe) 

Chinese broccoli 

This is definitely pork. Part(s) unknown. O_O 

Tomato-based soup. I didn't have any because there was so much other food to eat. 

Homemade steamed pork buns 

Salad with smoked salmon 

Roast pork

No idea... 

This is the roast pork in sliced form. 

Deviled eggs (family friend made these) 

Turkey with eggplant and garlic 

A very fattening salad with onions inside. Topping uses mayo and Parmesan cheese. I stayed away from this one!

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