Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crawfish Shack Seafood

Meal #1 : Two catfish, four shrimp, and two side item choices (corn and hush puppies)

I'm no stranger to Crawfish Shack! It turns out a friend of mine is dating the owner, Hieu (pronounced Hugh) - what a small world! I'm glad my first visit to this place was before I found out that bit of knowledge.

I've been to Crawfish Shack a few times between this post and my last one. At mine and my sister's suggestions, our parents came here to have dinner once. That was a really busy night, and everyone had to wait a while for their food. For some reason, I have neglected to write about those visits. I will have to make it up to you... by going there more, hehe. ;o)

I ordered Meal #1 this time around. All those fried foods... man. Good thing the batter's pretty light on the fish! I forget whether it was lightly battered though, I simply asked the cashier which type of batter was best for that type of fish and went with her recommendation.

There have been a lot of renovations and improvements since the last post. There's red paint on the walls and seaside-themed decorations hanging from the ceiling. The coat hooks will be quite useful in the wintertime. There's still only one restroom but there is now a second sink next to the restroom door. I've heard I have to try the beignets there. Crawfish Shack has signage indicating that it's in a plaza and the sign is viewable from the street. Unfortunately, the name of the plaza escapes me. Yet another reason to go back! ^_^"

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