Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chomp n Stomp

I've talked about this food truck before.

What a beautiful day!

Corndogski - Polish kielbasa with cheese batter (choice of plain, cheese, and jalapeno batters)

Homemade mustard

Corndogski, Mustard, Horseradish sauce


Nearby yard sale

Records? What are those?

Street art on the way back to the car

I essentially parked close to here and walked to Chomp n Stomp. It was about 0.5 mile(s).

My second time at Chomp n Stomp! I brought a friend with me, and we went straight to the food trucks. I remember last year's chili tasting and how most of them were just plain awful... and crowded!

We headed straight to Pallookaville and ordered corn dogs. They have a snazzy iPad handy for swiping credit cards. Nice. I will always love the Polish kielbasa corn dog, always. This time I tried the cheese batter; next time, I'll try the jalapeno. The homemade mustard was really good, though it also tastes good with horseradish sauce (in case you're looking to try something different).

We walked around the block and perused the various artist markets. Haha, the kid's area had a beer tent! I should have gotten a picture. As we were attempting to exit the event, we saw a yard sale sign. It was a neat set-up and clearly the owner is a smarty-pants for advertising during the festival. My friend bought a purse. I had wanted to purchase a round mirror but it was already taken, boo. A gorgeous day for a festival!

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