Friday, November 23, 2012


Margherita pizza - House mozzarella, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil 

Homemade cupcakes - I forget the "name" of them but they were DELICIOUS! I have to get the recipe, hehe. 

I joined a friend's birthday festivities at Ammazza's, a hipster pizza joint in East Atlanta. The birthday girl is always sharing East Atlanta finds with me, which is fantastic because I rarely venture to that side of town. ;o) A hipster I am not.

The place reminds me of Antico's where once you step inside, you order at a counter and take a seat in the back. Some of the pizza offerings are similar as well. Ammazza's offers three different styles of seating however (compared to Antico's family-style picnic tables). There are booths along the far wall, picnic tables in the middle, and tables and chairs to the left. You can see the bar in the back, and there is a huge window looking into the kitchen on the opposite end of the bar. You can find restrooms behind the wall where the tables and chairs are (pictured).

I went to the dinner with a friend of mine, and we split a Margherita pizza. We were starving, so I was pretty happy with whatever came out, honestly. The pizza crust is super thin, so it's best to use a knife and fork. There's a self-serve water station on either end of the room. A couple of people next to us ordered the Terra pizza, which smelled fantastic thanks to that truffle oil. If I end up back there, I'd definitely try that! The music got a bit loud at some point in the evening, so it can be hard to talk at times. Overall, I liked the place.

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