Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pork and Apple Pie with Cheddar Sage Crust



I still had apples to spare from my apple-picking experience for yet another pie. I went a little pie crazy, I know. At least this one was a savory pie, not a sweet one! The ingredients and directions are super long, so forgive me for not typing it all out here. I've provided a link at the bottom of this post.

A few comments:

- After I made the dough for the crust and cooked the apples and pork, I waited a couple of days to actually make the pie. I didn't have enough time that particular day to finish the recipe, so I set everything aside in the fridge to finish another day. I did not like having to knead the dough straight from the refrigerator. I suppose you could let it sit in room temp for a bit first, but I didn't think about it at the time. I would have preferred starting and finishing the recipe in one day. :o\ That's just me though.

- I bought a small block of cheddar cheese and grated it by hand, eyeballing the amount. I really think the cheddar-sage crust makes this pie. Eating the crust, pork, and apple altogether was SO! GOOD! For me, cheese tends to make most dishes better, hehe.

- I added the breadcrumbs too early to the pork, which probably affected the texture of that piece of the pie. It still tasted good though. ^_^"

- The recipe said to make the pork mixture the first layer and then add the apple layer on top. I think it'd be better if you just mixed the pork and apple together and fill the crust accordingly.

- The egg wash made the pie look SO delicious! Wish I had used this with the previous two pies. O_O


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